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Arix S.p.A. - Viadana (MN), Italy
With 3F Filippi luminaires, excellent lighting in the offices of Arix S.p.A.

3F Filippi is confirmed as a state-of-the-art reality in high efficiency technical lighting of the workplace. This thanks to prestigious orders such as the supply of luminaires for the new lighting project created for the offices of the Arix SpA headquarters, leader in the production and marketing of products and tools for cleaning the home, personal care and the sector of professional cleaning, present on the national and international market with historical products such as the "Splendelli" abrasive sponges, the "Tonkita" brooms, the "Stirokay" ironing board sheets and the "Aquamassage" body sponges. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the mantuan company has completed a significant modernization of these rooms on the ground floor of the Viadana plant, together with the relamping of those on the upper floor. Responsible for the lighting project, the industrial expert Simone Zambreri opted for the use of 3F Dìagon, a recessed luminaire with a square shape, equipped with 16 recessed cells, each of which houses a latest generation LED source. Entirely designed and made by 3F Filippi, the lighting fixture stands out for its reduced height (only 30mm, which makes it the ideal technical solution even in the reduced cavities of the false ceilings). "In the intervention for the offices of Arix S.p.A. - explains Zambreri - we believed that 3F Diagon could give to the client all the guarantees in terms of visual comfort and containment of energy consumption. Another important aspect was the certification of the product which attested to its use in environments equipped with video terminals. Furthermore, also the aesthetic appeal, superior to many other homologous products, influenced the choice". 3F Dìagon is available on the market in two sizes and can be equipped with transparent or opal lenses. For the headquarters of the mantuan company, the project involved the installation of the 596 x 596 mm version, equipped with the first lens solution. Given the presence of large windows inside the offices, it was also chosen to adopt the luminaire with DALI driver with push-button control and regulation of light intensity, so as to modulate the ignition based on natural light coming from outside and according to the need of the operators. The different characteristics of the two floors led to a different installation of the 3F Dìagon used in the project. "The false ceiling on the ground floor - resumes Zambreri, who also oversaw the entire electrical design of the intervention - was particular. As the frame was not visible, we proceeded to insert a special carter to lay the recessed luminaires. On the first floor, however, completely missing the false ceiling, we have foreseen the installation of the visible lamps on the attic, in this case using a containment carter. "
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Head office and factory
3F Filippi S.p.A.
Via del Savena 28, Z.I. Piastrella
40065 Pian di Macina, Pianoro (Bologna), Italy
Tax Code. 01033260371 - VAT no. IT00529461204
Share Capital € 3,000,000 fully paid up
Bologna Register of Companies no. 01033260371
REA (economic administrative index) No. 234613

Telephone: +39.051.6529611
Fax: +39.051.775884
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