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Together for a brighter future
3F Filippi S.p.A. has been working in the lighting industry since 1952, with extensive experience in designing and manufacturing technical and efficient lighting systems. Its products are fully designed and manufactured exclusively in its plants in Pian di Macina, in the Bologna district, and proudly carry “Made in Italy” to more than fifty countries, through its sales network.
3F Filippi is ISO 9001-certified also for lighting design and works alongside the best lighting designers to provide its customers with a quality of light in line with the latest regulations, assuring performance results especially in the industrial, commercial and service sectors, providing customized solutions.

3F Filippi and Targetti, two brands that have shaped the history of lighting in Italy, are now embarking on a new venture with an ambitious common goal:
to be the sole partner for lighting professionals and designers looking for quality solutions for all their project requirements.
By combining their respective expertise in technical and architectural lighting the two brands together provide a broader portfolio of products that proudly take Made in Italy technology to more than 50 countries worldwide. Two reputations for excellence, two stories of consolidated and complimentary experience, a synergy for a bright future.
We give our best each and every day
3F Filippi S.p.A. has been a benchmark for the design and manufacture of technically efficient lighting systems for 67 years.
Our products, designed and produced exclusively in our own plants, proudly carry Italian-made lighting around the world.

With ISO 9001 certification, which also includes our design operations, 3F Filippi works alongside the best lighting design specialists to provide our customers with quality lighting compliant with the latest regulations and which guarantees the best performance, especially in the industrial, commercial and service sectors, as well as providing custom solutions for specific requirements.

The luminaires which we design and manufacture in our plants in Pianoro, near Bologna, Italy, have been at the top of their sector for many years. They are the result of constant corporate evolution which is able to combine elements such as tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and high technology, aesthetics and functionality, environmental sustainability and energy savings.

Now, more than ever, our values and the actions deriving from them are 3F Filippi's recipe for success, allowing us to look to the future and its challenges with confidence.

The company currently operates in over 50 countries via a tight-knit network of regional and foreign offices, through which our luminaires reach European, South American, Asian and Australasian markets.
Flawless logistics management, thanks to the efficiency of our storage facilities for raw materials, semi-finished parts and finished products, allows 3F Filippi to optimise delivery and shipping times for our products to customers, thanks also to the use of a modern company vehicle fleet.

3F Filippi lights all kinds of environments in an innovative manner which complies with all applicable regulations.
Our luminaires are used on trains and subways, in hospitals, banks and offices; they highlight and emphasis products in stores and shopping centres, and help display works in museums and art galleries.
Our company is by now a consolidated partner of some of the most important industrial brands in the world, offering a key contribution to highlighting and emphasising what they produce all over the world.
No matter where they are installed, 3F Filippi luminaires always guarantee the highest standards of quality.
Lighting experts since 1952
In recent years the significant experience we have gained alongside designers, installers and customers has allowed 3F Filippi to develop products able to provide the highest quality light, in line with the most recent standards and legislation.
These long-standing and profitable partnerships have allowed the company to confirm itself as one of the most important players in the Italian and international markets for high-quality technical lighting, with a particular emphasis on industrial structures and offices.

Today, like in the past, our lighting products are manufactured entirely within our own plants.
We have around three hundred employees in our Pian di Macina plants in Pianoro (near Bologna, in northern Italy) who provide their expertise and enthusiasm day after day. Also located there are 3F Filippi's management offices, completely automated product warehouses and the production facilities for plastic components, as well as the assembly lines.
Each and every day, 3F Filippi luminaires leave the various facilities for customers all over the world, served with precision and punctuality by our sales and distribution network.

3F Filippi has invested in restoring the Dogana delle Filigare, the ancient customs outpost for the grand duchy of Tuscany, and now uses it as a location for presenting new systems to architects and designers, or for conventions and training courses.
Our Values
Reliability and technical specifications above all else

Looking at a project created with our products, there is no greater satisfaction for us at 3F Filippi than the possibility to appreciate the relationship between the natural light and that from our luminaires.
Since we were founded in 1952, our company's driving force has been to provide customers with the best technology on the market, so that every single Watt of power used is optimised to provide the best possible level of lighting.
Each time they select our products, customers of 3F Filippi can be sure they are choosing the best on the market in terms of technical performance, low power consumption and high reliability.

We believe in the rules

The interpretation of architectural spaces and the effects of the lighting inside them cannot ignore the rules governing this area.
These rules are not a series of dictats imposed by bureaucrats, but the concrete application of the experience gained by competent professionals who are able to design a healthy and comfortable environment for occupants of a given context.
This is why for 67 years 3F Filippi has been developing cutting-edge tools to meet the requirements of the strictest regulations, often in advance: it is not possible to respect your customers if you do not respect the rules.
Our transparency is also confirmed by the clear and truthful performance data which we always provide the market with.

Improving people's lives

Light is a physical phenomenon which has a profound influence on every aspect of our lives. Filled with messages, it is much more than just a tool with which to perceive the world around us: its intensity wakes us up or puts us to sleep, its temperature allows us to understand whether it is dawn or the middle of the day, and its quality allows us to appreciate (or not) the true essence of what we are looking at.
If we were able to perceive light in the same way as music, we would realise how it is able to make us feel “at home” or ill at ease, much more so than we would imagine. Our luminaires are there, lighting the hospitals where we are born, the schools where we got our education, the companies and offices where we work, and the shops where we make our purchases.
It is precisely because this light accompanies us in every moment of our lives that we feel we have a fundamental job: to offer the best light for your well-being. And there is nothing which makes us happier.
Our laboratories
The Goniophotometer

Research and Development play a vital role in the growth strategy of 3F Filippi.
Every year the company uses a significant part of their resources to keep up to date with the latest innovations available on the market.
The rotating mirror Goniophotometer, purchased in 2017 is the latest cutting-edge device that uses the most advanced technology in the industry to make extremely precise photometric calculations.
All measurements are carried out inside a completely closed laboratory where various parameters are kept constantly under control such as electrical stability, air velocity, humidity and temperature.

These conditions are vital to perform photometric, spectrometric and thermal measurements. 3F Filippi is one of the few companies in Europe to own this type of instrumentation which means they can certify their own products according to European standard UNI EN 13032, the most advanced in terms of photometric measurements.
This way they can guarantee quality, reliability and the accuracy of the reported data.

Tests and Trials

3F Filippi light fixtures are designed to provide maximum performance in all conditions and are continuously tested and measured in accordance with the most stringent regulations.
For this reason, the company constantly invests in updating their IMQ certified laboratories (the IMQ-078/CTF2-A certification can be downloaded from the web site), where the following tests can be carried out:
  • Temperature Test
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Test
  • Liquid Resistance Test
  • Dust Resistance Test
  • Sal Spray Test
  • IK Test
This allows them to conduct their own tests that are valid for purposes of Product Certification: this greatly accelerates the development stages of products, to the benefit of customers and also ensures safety, quality and durability.
All products are manufactured in accordance with national CEI 34-21, European EN 60598-1 and international IEC 60598-1 legislation.
We work each day to light your future
Respect for the environment

3F Filippi's commitment to contributing to the conservation of our natural resources has led us to work with the best designers to identify solutions able to combine quality and energy efficiency in our luminaires. Over the years, we have continually demonstrated our sensitivity towards and focus on the environment by using the highest quality raw materials, developing industrial processes which aim to maximise the life of our products, using components certified to meet the latest standards and regulations, and using intelligent wiring to optimise energy consumption.
3F Filippi works with Lighting Europe to develop increasingly advanced products which meet European and worldwide standards.
As a supporting member of the Green Light Programme (launched by the European Commission in order to reduce energy consumption), 3F Filippi carries out education campaigns to improve the quality and efficiency of lighting in business and industrial applications.

Quality in the Spotlight

3F Filippi is ISO 9001 certified.
Our internal laboratories perform the photometric tests required to meet EN 13032 and CIE 121 standards. Our flow recuperators are developed with the use of custom software which allows us to obtain maximum efficiency and light distribution which best meets the customer's needs.
This commitment has been recognised and certified by CSQ (Italian Certification of Company Quality Systems), also as regards the entire lighting engineering process.
3F Filippi is also a member of ASSIL (National Association of Lighting Manufacturers), and a partner and supporter of IES (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) and AIDI (Italian Lighting Association).
The information, at the speed of Light.
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Head office and factory
Via del Savena 28, Z.I. Piastrella
40065 Pian di Macina, Pianoro (Bologna), Italy
Tax Code. 01033260371 - VAT no. IT00529461204
Share Capital € 3,000,000 fully paid up
Bologna Register of Companies no. 01033260371
REA (economic administrative index) No. 234613

Telephone: +39.051.6529611
Fax: +39.051.775884
The information, at the speed of Light.
Subscribe to lightUpdate to keep in touch with 3F Filippi: news, events and product news delivered to your mailbox.
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